Кадровое агентство Альфапремиум - подбор персонала, проведение обучения, бизнес-тренингов и семинаров, размещение вакансий, содействие в трудоустройстве.

“AlfaPremium” the art to choose!


“AlfaPremium” the art to choose!


Dear clients (employers),
Thank You for choosing our recruitment agency!
“AlfaPremium” is a leading company in the sphere of personnel selection and recruitment for Belarusian, Russian and foreign companies on the territory of Belarus


          The Art of RECRUITING for You: 



  • Recruitment of a wide range of specialists: from secretary to director general (in 3 days - 3 weeks period)
  • Targeted search of managerial staff and exclusive specialists
  • Group recruitment (shop assistants, operators)
  • Express-search (search of personnel in 2-10 days)
  • Regional search
+ Numerous positive references from our clients,  
+ Payment only on the result,
+ Double free-of-charge substitution of a specialist (in case he doesn’t meet your requirements),
+ Important advantage is recruiters SPECIALIZATION according to their field of specialists search (finances, sales, engineering and technical personnel, marketing, logistics, law, etc.). That is why we can offer You the required specialist quicker than the others.
+ Database of more than 100 000 specialists, which updates with 150 resume daily
      The Art of CONSULTING for You:

  • Company directors get free consultation on matters of personnel recruitment and salary level for different specialists
  • Personnel documentation audit, according to the Laws of the Republic of Belarus
  • Personnel screening and examination, establishment of personnel reserve
+ Our psychologists give the clients free-of-charge recommendations how to facilitate new specialist adaptation and interpersonal conflict resolution.
          The Art of TRAINING for You:

  • Business-training: training, seminars, master-classes, courses
  • 31 trainings in vital business spheres
  • 28 specialized programs on narrow professional topics
  • 20 open training programs, providing free introductory lesson 

+ 57 practicing trainers, presenting their personal programs in different business spheres

+ Customers pre-training analysis and post-training guidance

+ Training in groups up to 7 participants with individual approach 

+ High quality for available price 


An hour of work is more worthy than a day of explanation! (Jan-Jack Russo) That is why we are ready to get down to work immediately after Your appeal! 

Thank You for choosing “AlfaPremium”!



“AlfaPremium” – the art to choose!  


Dear candidates (applicants),


Thank You for choosing our recruitment agency!

         The art of VACANCIES OFFER:


  • We consider your resume for a vacancy on FREE-OF-CHARGE basis
  • More than 100 vacancies in large and famous companies are presented on our web-site
  • We guarantee confidentiality of information stated in your resume
  • Free consultation on matters of employment and career building 

          The Art of TRAINING:


  • An exclusive training “How to find a job, and how to pass an interview successfully!”
  • 20 open training programs, providing free introductory lesson
  • Training in groups up to 7 participants with individual approach
  • Training in the city center in a convenient time in the evening
  • High quality for available price 

     Thank You for choosing “AlfaPremium!”

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